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The Making of A Champion

Dedication and determination

Achieving greatness takes dedication and determination. The NDSU Bison football team has shown its commitment to greatness on and off the field. At Sanford Health we are proud to partner with NDSU student athletes and other universities in the region as well as the high school level. “We believe it is important for all athletes at all levels to receive the highest level of care they possibly can,” says Bruce Piatt, MD, Sanford Health orthopedic surgeon and medical director for NDSU.

Range of Services

“Our services run the whole gamut of care,” says Dr. Piatt. “We work directly with the athletic trainers and with the strength coaches. We work with the athletes on preventive medicine and nutrition.” When treatment is necessary Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is there on a continuing basis for specialized treatment, including evaluation and surgery. “We are making sure that each individual athlete is recovering completely and safely so we can get them back out on the court or field as soon as possible but without further risk of injury,” adds Dr. Piatt.

Investment in the future

Sanford Health is proud to make an investment in NDSU and its students. In September of 2010, Sanford Health CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft was asked about our investment in NDSU’s Capital Fund Drive. He said, “We are building something special together on a great tradition of top level academic and athletic performance at NDSU. We are creating opportunities for outstanding Division I competition while promoting fitness and wellness for our youth and their families.”

We have a long history of partnering with universities and athletic programs. Thousands of nursing, pharmacy, therapy and medical students receive hands-on training at Sanford. We believe this allows our best and brightest to receive quality education and training close to home.

The annual Sanford Sports Medicine Symposium provides internationally known expert facilitators on many topics dealing with safe sports participation. We are also proud to provide hands-on learning opportunities for graduate assistants enrolled in the Master of Science in Advanced Athletic Training program at NDSU.

Rewarding partnership

“NDSU football really took the spotlight this year,” says Dr. Piatt,

Dr. Piatt says the partnership is truly that. It’s not a one-way street. NDSU receives the same caliber of care as any division 1 school would receive. Meanwhile it “has allowed us to utilize this platform and reach out to other athletes at all levels,” says Dr. Piatt.

Team approach

Our goal is to help NDSU student athletes reduce their risk of injury. When injury occurs we provide expert treatment and use science-based protocols to determine when an athlete can return to play. Exercise physiologists and researchers at Sanford’s National Institute for Athletic Health & Performance also help athletes improve their performance through proper hydration tactics.

It takes a team of experts with diverse backgrounds to help athletes perform their best. That includes the NDSU athletic trainers and strength coaches, specialty sports therapists and POWER exercise specialists. They are a key part of our team approach to care. They work directly with athletes to assess injury, educate and rehabilitate.

When injury happens

We want anyone who faces an injury to return to their daily life and the activities they love as quickly and safely as possible. The physical therapists at Sanford POWER are committed to getting you back to an active lifestyle following a sports-related injury, trauma, surgery or overuse. Our team is made up of experienced physical therapists that are passionate about working with athletes from the initial injury to the integration of a sport-specific exercise program.

We offer athletes the opportunity to return to performance through a transition program. This program is the connection between an athlete’s completion of physical therapy and fully returning to play. It is an individualized, injury-specific program that is administered by our transition team in collaboration with the physical therapist.

We are proud to support the NDSU Bison.

Our Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physicians specialize in sports related injuries, musculoskeletal and joint injuries affecting mobility and function:

Posted Date: December 2012