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Body contouring

Breast Augmentation. A breast augmentation is where an implant is placed under the breast or under the breast and chest muscles to reshape and increase your breast size. Both Silicone and Saline implants are available. You and your surgeon will determine which implant choice is right for you.

Breast Lift. A breast lift rearranges breast tissue by removing extra skin and elevating the nipple areolar complex (NAC). Breast shape and size change when patients choose to undergo both augmentation and lift.

Breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is most often done when a patient has been treated for breast cancer. It can be done simultaneously with cancer surgery or later on. There are multiple ways to reconstruct a breast and is a decision made by the surgeon and patient.

Breast reduction. A breast reduction removes portions of breast tissue and skin, and elevates the nipple areolar complex (NAC). This procedure can be cosmetic and is often covered by health insurance in patients who suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of heavy breasts.

Liposuction. liposuction removes fat from areas of the body. Ideal candidates are at a near-normal body weight and have skin that is not sagging. This surgery is not intended to “slim down” the patient, but rather to balance and shape the body in areas that are unproportioned. Abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty removes extra skin, fatty tissues and also tightens the muscles. Many women opt for abdominoplasty after having children.

Weight loss

If you have had lost a significant amount of weight, you may be a candidate for a post-weight loss body contouring procedure. You should be a stable weight for about six months prior to surgery.

Body lift. A body lift removes skin and fatty tissue around the waist.

Thigh lift. A thigh lift removes skin and fatty tissues from the inside of the thigh.

Brachioplasty. A brachioplasty removes skin and fatty tissue from the inside of the arm.

Facial procedures

Here are a few facial plastic surgeries available at Sanford Plastic Surgery:

Blepharoplasty. A blepharoplasty removes extra skin and fat around the eye.

Facelift. A facelift repositions facial tissues, usually on the lower portion of the face. The technique and areas of elevation are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Browlift. A browlift repositions and elevates the eyebrows. The technique is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Posted Date: March 2012