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Sanford Worthington Medical Center registered nurse receives New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Nurse Award

WORTHINGTON, Minn. — Kaitlin Bullerman, RN at Sanford Worthington Medical Center, received the New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Nurse Award at the nurses week celebration last month hosted by Sanford Health.

The New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Nurse Award was established specifically to recognize excellence in Sanford Nursing.  This award recognizes a nurse professional who conscientiously integrates evidence-based practice and research into clinical and operational processes.  This nurse professional has been educated to appropriately explore the safest and best practices for their patients and practice environment, and to generate new knowledge. 

Bullerman received nominations for this award which lifted up the qualities of her nursing:  her professionalism, her passion for nursing, her leadership skills, and her experience. 

“Kaitlin gives her heart and soul to this organization,” wrote Bullerman’s coworker in a letter of nomination.  “She’s a key team player and truly cares for each and every one of her coworkers and patients, just as she would one of her own family members.”

Bullerman is one of three 2017 recipients of the New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements Nurse Award.

Recognition is given in nine distinct categories.  Nine other Sanford Worthington employees were nominated for awards in six of the nine categories.  These employees included Wendy Marco, Laura Hoffman, Reed Fricke, Kyle Rockwell, Alesha Andrade, Linsey Como, Virginia Cerda, Pat VanWaus and Lindsey Sell. 

The nurses week celebration is an annual event for Sanford Health. This year’s event, held at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, honored nurses and other health care professionals in nine categories.  Nearly 450 nominations were submitted for 2017 honors.

National Nurses Week is acknowledged by health care organizations and the American Nurses Association annually.  

Pictured above – Kaitlin Bullerman, RN, Sanford Worthington Medical Center.

Posted Date: June 2017