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Sanford 1440—Every Minute a Story

The Stories We Share

A new day dawns. Thirteen video crews, up before sunrise, travel across 130,000 miles, ready to capture stories as they unfold. Stories unstaged and unscripted. Stories at the point-of-care and behind the scenes. Stories of health, healing and hope. Improving the human condition. What happens here every minute of every day at Sanford Health.

Witness incredible courage. Struggles and celebrations. Passion and perseverance. New beginnings and last goodbyes. It's the people we meet every day that inspire us most. Inspire us to care. To stretch. To reach beyond what's imaginable. We take passion and pride in the work we do. To honor, help and heal the lives we're trusted with... both today and every day.

These are our stories. Your stories. Together, we are transforming lives. Pioneering the future of well-being, of health, of family. Join us for a day in the life of Sanford Health.

Watch the video!

These are just a few of 190 life-changing stories captured by video crews on June 14-a huge accomplishment, yet only a fraction of the lives touched by the incredible work of Sanford employees throughout the year.

I was privileged to observe the moments of health and healing that transform lives every day. Now it's your turn: Experience the connection, care, healing and courage that inspire awe in our 20,000 employees and 111 communities.

Watch Sanford 1440: Every Minute a Story

Follow writer Barb Beckman as she takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Sanford 1440-Every Minute a Story.

Posted Date: August 2011