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Heightened Emotions

Lindsay Kinnick, 28, doesn’t remember much about delivering her first child, Evelyn, two years ago.

“I remember asking the nurse ‘where’s the baby, where’s the baby?’ and her responding that I hadn’t had it yet,” Lindsay says.

Medication to help alleviate labor pains made Lindsay feel “out of it” and as if she wasn’t able to truly experience the birth.

“It was pretty wild,” recalls husband, Matt, 30.

Low-intervention birth options

When Lindsay and Matt were expecting their second child, Jack, they made low intervention part of their birth plan and shared their plans with Lindsay’s doctor, Jordan Coauette, MD.

More commonly known as “natural birth,” low-intervention births use the following tools and techniques to manage the discomfort of labor:

  • Lamaze skills and focus on relaxed breathing
  • Use of water, baths or showers
  • Yoga
  • Partner/nurse coaching
  • Doula support
  • Massage
  • Movement during labor such as walking, rocking or swaying
  • Pressure points
  • Positive distractions such as music, saying mantras or inspiring verses
  • An Experience of a lifetime

    The Kinnicks’ preparation paid off; when Lindsay’s labor began she found comfort being at home, she took baths to soothe the contractions and was able to remain home until the contractions were a few minutes apart.

    Lindsay and Matt arrived at the Sanford Family Birth Center early in the morning on February 5, where their team was waiting and ready to support them in what the Family Birth Center team fondly calls “an experience of a lifetime”.

    Her nurse, Kayla Dyrness, helped Lindsay slow down her breathing. “Kayla was great, I deeply appreciated her support and guidance,” Lindsay says.

    Kayla was also impressed with Lindsay and Matt. “Walking into the room, I could immediately see what an excellent coach Matt was to Lindsay; they were both doing great,” she explains. Kayla held Lindsay’s hand, encouraged her breathing and guided her when it was time to push. “My role was to ensure mom and baby were safe.”

    Not only were mom and baby safe but Kayla described the atmosphere as “calm and peaceful.” Lindsay agrees, “The experience was even better than planned, it was such a delight to meet Jack for the first time. I was part of the experience, and emotionally there and present in the moment. The recovery was really quick.”

    Matt says they were still prepared to ask for medication if it came down to it, but: “We made it through.”

    Lindsay agrees. “It’s kind of like running a marathon. Labor still hurts! But once you get through it, it’s such a deep sense of accomplishment.”

    With Lindsay’s hard work, Matt’s excellent coaching and the Sanford Family Birth Center’s support it really was an “experience of a lifetime”.

    Posted Date: April 2013