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Complete Care at Sanford Heart Hospital

205,000 square feet of innovation. Six floors equipped with state-of the-art technology. A custom Healing Environment that helps foster quicker recovery time. More than 750 prepared and connected skilled professionals.

Sanford Heart Hospital. It’s changed the horizon and brightens the future of heart care in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. In part as a result of visionary leadership, Sanford Heart Hospital is a facility decades in the making.

“Staff, nurses and a team of dedicated physicians began this program in the 1970s,” says Charles P. O’Brien MD, president of Sanford USD Medical Center. “The opening of Sanford Heart Hospital is a celebration of their pioneering … and a natural progression in continuing to provide our patients with quality care.”

Building Walls to Unite Services

Sanford Heart Hospital offers highly advanced, integrated, and personalized heart care to the region. Attached directly to Sanford USD Medical Center, the Heart Hospital houses more than 750 doctors, nurses and support specialists who have direct access to their Sanford Health colleagues across many areas of care.

“The Sanford Heart Hospital consolidates all services for cardiac patients into one building to provide easy access,” said Sanford Heart Cardiologist Tom Stys MD. “We prefer to serve our patients in or near their hometown, but if they have to come to Sioux Falls, we want to make it as convenient as possible. We do that by offering state-of-the-art technologies but also many comforts of home.”

For example, a heart patient who requires orthopedic care can receive that therapy while he or she is treated at Sanford Heart Hospital without having to travel anywhere. It’s how our skilled professionals are making a difference and improving outcomes of our patients’ long-term health.

Sanford Heart Hospital’s centralized, specialized cardiac care family, along with an extended team of skilled professionals, provide an integrated care model that focuses on healing the whole body – not just the heart. Through the decades, Sanford Heart Hospital’s skilled professionals have been driven to treat the episodic patient, but they also consider themselves patients’ health and wellness partners. This focus on treatment and supportive recovery and prevention makes a big difference in patients’ perceptions of living with heart conditions.

“People used to think of heart and vascular disease as a normal part of aging. You get to a certain age and you get heart trouble and you get vessel trouble – but that’s not true,” said Dr. O’Brien. “That’s what we want to be – a community asset here with education and screening and have people understand these things can be preventable.”

Recovering Faster in the Healing Environment

As a way to increase recovery times and educate patients and their families about healthier living and making better choices, Sanford’s Center for Health & Well-being will offer wellness education classes. During these class sessions, patients will learn healthy habits and ways they can increase their longevity and well being through healthy eating and exercise habits.

The new hospital is an ideal environment that allows Sanford Heart’s skilled professionals to treat patients like family and make sure they have everything they need to nurture a strong, healthy heart. Sanford embraces the philosophy that the greatest capacity for healing occurs when stress and anxiety has been lessened. As part of the overall motif of the new facility, the Healing Environment spans the entire hospital and includes special recessed lighting, holistic music, a massage area, aromatherapy and custom artwork.

Details at a Glance

The Sanford Heart Hospital features innovative cardiovascular care including surgical suites, catheterization labs, and the latest in heart surgery, procedures and therapy. Other innovations include:

  • Our Siemens Artis Zeego Imaging system with a robotic arm –truly has surgical capabilities that seem impossible.
  • Because of the advanced systems located in the hybrid operating room, physicians can safely and easily replace a patient’s heart valve in a minimally invasive way, rather than relying on opening up the chest.
  • The hybrid OR is also ideal for patients who may not be able to withstand more invasive procedures, such as traditional surgery.
  • The cardiovascular operating room, or CV OR, is equipped with technology that is changing the way we care for heart patients.
  • The boom-mounted equipment keeps the floor clear of clutter and allows our dedicated team of eight to ten skilled professionals to move about the space safely and efficiently.
  • The Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) includes private consultation rooms where the surgeon is able to communicate with the patient’s family and support system immediately following surgery.
  • The Clinical Surgical Suite Guest area, with relaxing seating and an enticing coffee bar, offers the comforts of home. Large patient rooms also afford the utmost in privacy, even for the largest of families.
  • Acuity adaptable care private patient rooms. Custom designed to promote a quiet environment, easy monitoring for nursing staff and a home-like atmosphere for patient and families.

Sanford Heart Hospital is set to lead the region in services to heart patients. Additional features and services available at the new facility include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient surgery
  • Catheterization labs
  • Prep and recovery space for procedures
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Echocardiography
  • Stress testing
  • Nuclear medicine with gamma cameras
  • Physician offices for Sanford Cardiovascular Institute and Sanford Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

Posted Date: January 2011