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CenteringPregnancy® Provides Group Support to Moms-to-Be

A group model for prenatal care is bringing moms-to-be together for regular check-ups, education and support throughout their pregnancy. The CenteringPregnancy® method for prenatal care, currently offered in Sioux Falls, is part of a growing healthcare trend to combine preventive and wellness care with education and personal support.

Women participating in CenteringPregnancy meet with a group of other moms-to-be with similar due dates. The group meets for ten sessions from early in the second trimester through post-partum. Through the months, the women get to know each other, build community and gain confidence in their own knowledge and skills.

“CenteringPregnancy allows check-ups, support and education to take place in one trip, so moms-to-be find they spend more time with the healthcare provider. Every minute of the session is focused on the mom-to-be and her baby,” says Teresa Buell, CNM, Sanford Clinic Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

“During each CenteringPregnancy session, moms-to-be meet individually with their healthcare provider for a personal health assessment,” says Allison Wierda Suttle, MD, FACOG, Sanford Clinic Women’s Health. The two-hour session ends with education and group discussion. “Discussions cover multiple topics including breastfeeding, nutrition and childbirth,” adds Dr. Wierda Suttle.

Women participating in CenteringPregnancy receive education in their group sessions that address the many ways to care for themselves and their baby. “Education continues after her baby is born with other learning opportunities offered by The Birth Place including Breastfeeding Preparation, Big Brother/Big Sister and Happiest Baby on the Block™ & Baby Care,” says Jan Hoefert, Childbirth Educator.

“I learned so much from the other women in my CenteringPregnancy group. The relationships I’ve built with them will last far beyond pregnancy,” says Shannon Stevens, who recently completed the Centering Pregnancy program.

Through this unique model of care, women are empowered to choose health promoting behaviors. Studies have shown the effectiveness of group prenatal care with increased birth weights, fewer preterm deliveries and satisfaction expressed by both the moms-to-be and their healthcare providers.

To learn more about CenteringPregnancy® call:
Sanford Clinic Women’s Health at (605) 328-7700
Sanford Clinic Maternal-Fetal Medicine at (605) 328-4600

Posted Date: April 2011