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Patient Rooms

Patient rooms at Sanford Heart Hospital are safe, secure, state-of-the-art living spaces that promote rest and healing. Several amenities and technological updates have been made to ensure patients have everything they need to heal.


Most of a patient's time with us is spent in the comfort of their room. That's why we made sure to include special healing features to make patients feel more at home. Our patient rooms are spacious, with ample room for staff and families while still maintaining privacy. Comfortable seating, reduced sound, low-lit lighting and artwork encourage rest and recovery. Some other special features of our rooms include:

Acuity-Adaptable Rooms

These special rooms are for critical cardiac patients who do not need surgery. This non-surgical area of the hospital houses an area where we are able to accommodate non-surgical patients who require advanced heart monitoring and multiple IV drips. Whether a patient is critically ill or not, the patient is able to stay in the same room and the staff can adjust their care to the patient's needs.

Digital Displays

Throughout Sanford Heart Hospital, digital displays convey messages and provide meaningful information in a clean and consolidated manner.

State-of-the-art safety equipment

This special equipment assists staff and provides a secure way for patients to move about their rooms. The ceiling lifts provide a safe way for patients to move from their bed to the bathroom without straining the staff.

The bathrooms provide a 42 inch entry way, grab bars, wheel-in showers, and motion-activated lighting providing patients with a feeling of support while still assuring safety and security.

Special delivery drawers

These drawers open on the outside wall of the patients' rooms to allow pharmacy employees to deliver medications and other materials without having to interrupt the patients' critical resting time.

Dialysis water boxes

These were designed to provide a convenient connection to a water source for patients who need dialysis during their stay.