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Just Like Home

Welcome Center

In the Welcome Center, patients are greeted by a friendly concierge who will assist you with way-finding and registration. Our concierges are here specifically to accommodate patients and families. Registration takes place in a private, secure area. A concierge will escort patients to their first appointment. After that, a Patient Family Advocate will act as an important source of support throughout your stay.


Valet Services

Valet services greet patients and their families upon visiting and leaving the facility. A temperature-controlled private pick-up lobby ensures patients' are comfortable while they wait for their cars to be delivered to them.

The Heartbeat

At the information hub – called the "Heartbeat" – guests will find information for patients and visitors, class schedules as well as a weather ticker on our 42-inch flat-screen.

Family lounges

Family lounges include comfortable seating, coffee bars, nutritious snacks and are placed within close proximity to diagnostic testing and procedure rooms so that family can be as close to their loved one as possible. Electronic screens display updates for families when patients are in surgery – keeping guests informed of all stages during and after a procedure.

Family guest area

During stays, families are welcome to call the Sanford Heart Family Guest Area home. We've included a care-giving space with a kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals and share a dinner in the dining area. There are hot showers and private lockers to secure personal items. A public computer is also available. At any time, our staff can accommodate specific requests while you refresh and rejuvenate so families and support systems can spend quality time with their loved one.

Room for family in PACU

We've also designed our Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) to allow families to reunite with their loved one as soon as the patient awakens from anesthesia. In our private consult rooms, surgeons meet and communicate with families immediately following surgery.

Large patient rooms

Patient rooms are large – with ample space to accommodate even the biggest families. Comfortable seating and a home-like atmosphere eases stress and creates a unique space for families to be with their loved one.

Acuity-Adaptable Care

Many patient rooms at Sanford Heart Hospital include Acuity Adaptable Care (for patients who do not need surgery but need advanced care) where patients stay in the same room and our staff adapts their care to the patient's special needs.


We've also designed separate traffic patterns for patients and the general public – giving patients and their families more privacy than ever before.