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Sanford Health, in collaboration with Caladrius Biosciences, Inc., is investigating whether a child’s own cells can fight type 1 diabetes. This clinical trial, known as The Sanford Project: T-Rex Study, studies an innovative investigational therapy in children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Researchers focus specifically on children’s Treg cells, which may help stop the immune system’s attack on the body’s insulin-producing beta cells. The Treg cells will be collected from the participants’ blood, grown in a lab to make more of them, and returned back into their blood circulation.

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Researchers are testing whether these expanded Treg cells can rebalance the immune system and stop the attack on beta cells.

This trial is the first for this therapy in the United States to enroll adolescents.

To enroll, participants must at a minimum:

  • Be 8-17 years old.
  • Have been diagnosed with diabetes in approximately the last two months.

What does the study involve?

Sanford offered the first locations in the United States to offer this trial.

Call (855) 305-5059 to enroll in this trial in Sioux Falls, SD or Fargo, ND.

Study treatment and visits are provided at no cost.

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In 2007, a transformational gift of $400 million by Denny Sanford provided for an expansion of children’s and research initiatives, one of which was to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, known as The Sanford Project.