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The Hip Preservation Clinic

The Hip Preservation Clinic provides an innovative approach for patients who are suffering with hip pain not due to advanced osteoarthritis. Our team at the Hip Preservation Clinic offers patients the latest technologies in the treatment, management and diagnosis of hip problems and pain. We are currently welcoming new patients. 

Call us today at (701) 417-6000.

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedure with small incisions that gives Dr. Ben Noonan a clear view of the inside of a joint. This helps him diagnose and treat joint problems.

During hip arthroscopy, Dr. Noonan inserts a small camera, called an arthroscope, into the hip joint. The camera displays pictures on a television screen, and he uses these images to guide miniature surgical instruments.

Hip arthroscopy is sometimes referred to as keyhole surgery, or minimally invasive surgery (MIS)

When compared to traditional, open hip surgery, arthroscopic hip surgery results in (typically):

  • Less tissue trauma
  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Shorter recovery times

A range of procedures can be done via arthroscopy on the hip such as:

  • Smooth off torn cartilage or repair it (Chondroplasty/Labral repair)
  • Reshaping of the Acetabulum (socket) and proximal femur in FAI.
  • Remove inflamed synovial tissue
Removal of fracture fragments in traumatic hip dislocations.

Being Seen in the Hip Preservation Clinic

Patients will often see Josh Voth for their initial visit which allows for more expedient and flexible scheduling.  Josh has been operating and seeing patients with Dr. Noonan for over three years and is skilled in the area of diagnosis and initial treatment.  He will ensure all of the initial treatment options are covered, obtain needed imaging, and if necessary, discuss surgical options.

Asking for a Second Opinion

Our team of experts will gladly provide a second opinion when asked to do so. There are a variety of causes for hip pain, and an accurate diagnosis will help you continue to lead an active lifestyle.

Referral From a Physician

We understand that sometimes receiving a second opinion in the care of your patient is critical. To refer a patient to the Hip Preservation Clinic at Sanford Health, contact us at (701) 417-6000.

Patient Instruction Documents

Meet Our Team

Dr. Noonan is a part of the largest and most comprehensive Orthopedics and Sports Medicine team in the region. Together with Josh Voth, Physician’s Assistant, they will listen to and care for the patient in the best way possible.