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Cancer Breakthroughs 2020 at Sanford Health

Sanford Health is the first in the nation to offer a clinical trial as part of Cancer Breakthroughs 2020. This program is one of the most comprehensive cancer collaboratives in the country. Its goal is to accelerate cancer treatment options with unprecedented collaboration across pharmaceutical companies, community and academic oncology, the government and various scientific communities. Treatments will focus on using combined immunotherapy, a therapy that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

The first trial focuses on certain types of advanced breast cancer and will be offered at only four sites across the nation. Patients can enroll at Edith Sanford Breast Center in Sioux Falls, SD. The Center is supported by the Edith Sanford Breast Foundation, which was launched in 2010 after a transformational gift from Denny Sanford. Mr. Sanford lost his mother Edith to breast cancer when he was a young boy.

Groundbreaking Breast Cancer Trial

Sanford is the first site in the nation to launch an advanced breast cancer trial from the Cancer Breakthroughs 2020 program. We are one of only four sites in the nation to offer this trial.

This trial is a groundbreaking immunotherapy vaccine study for those with advanced breast cancer. Specifically, it is for those with unresectable locally advanced or metastatic HER2-low-expressing (IHC 1+/2+) breast cancer. The vaccine, ETBX-021, is for those currently undergoing treatment.

To see if you are eligible for this trial, call 1-87-SURVIVAL.