Awards & Recognition

Awards and Recognition

One of the ways Sanford Health demonstrates our legacy of nursing excellence is through validation from industry and professional organizations.

Magnet® Status Hospital Recognition

The American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association and the largest and most prominent nursing credentialing organization in the United States, established Magnet® recognition in 1994. Research has shown that patient care outcomes are better at Magnet® hospitals, where there is an environment that empowers nurses, values their contributions and supports nursing leadership. Magnet® status is awarded for a four-year period, after which hospitals must apply again for the recognition.

  • Sanford USD Medical Center and Clinics has been a Magnet®-recognized organization since 2003, being designated four consecutive times for nursing excellence.
  • Sanford Bismarck has been a Magnet®-recognized organization since 2003, being designated four consecutive times for nursing excellence.
  • Sanford Medical Center Fargo has applied to the Magnet® Recognition Program – taking the first step toward Magnet designation

What Does it Take to Achieve Magnet® Status?

Magnet® hospitals exemplify the 14 forces of magnetism established by the American Nurses Credentialing Center by demonstrating:

  • A high-quality care environment
  • Clinical autonomy and responsibility
  • Participatory decision-making
  • Strong nurse leaders
  • Two-way communication with staff
  • Community involvement
  • Opportunity and encouragement for professional development
  • Effective use of staff and resources
  • High levels of job satisfaction (directly affects patient satisfaction)
  • Attention to cultural and ethnic diversity

Magnet® Status is the highest national recognition awarded to a hospital or medical center for excellence in nursing. It is accepted nationally as the gold standard of patient care and provides healthcare consumers with a benchmark to measure quality of nursing care.

What Does Magnet® Status Mean?

The Difference in Being a Magnet® Hospital Independent research shows that Magnet® facilities consistently outperform non-Magnet® facilities by demonstrating:

For Patients

  • Lower mortality rates
  • Shorter lengths of stay
  • Increased stability in care and positive outcomes
  • Increased satisfaction and confidence levels

For Nurses

  • Higher rates of job satisfaction
  • More appropriate RN mix
  • Better delivery of quality care
  • Autonomy in clinical practice
  • Lower incidence of needlestick injury

For Hospitals

  • Increased retention and recruitment of nurses
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Lower rates of staff nurse turnover
  • Increased attraction of high-caliber nurses, physicians and specialists