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Sanford Women’s earns SCOPE certification

Certification demonstrates commitment to patient care

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. —Sanford Women’s is the first in Sioux Falls, and the tri-state region, to earn Safety Certification in Outpatient Practice Excellence from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This certification in patient safety applies to many different areas of health including Sanford Women’s pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

The SCOPE certification indicates the engagement Sanford Women’s has in advancing outpatient care. Patient safety is essential to providing optimal health care for women. SCOPE is a new patient safety review program that evaluates and assesses implementation and use of safety concepts and techniques used in an individual office setting.

“Adverse effects are 10 times more likely to occur in an office setting than in the hospital,” said James T. Breeden, M.D., ACOG president. “In many ways, the area of office-based surgery is young, and the checks and balances that have existed for years in hospitals have not been as well established for the office setting. The SCOPE program is ACOG’s effort to improve in-office patient safety procedures.”

SCOPE is available to medical practices where obstetrics and gynecology services are offered. If the applications submitted by the office meet certain criteria, a site visit occurs. After the site visit the medical office will receive a report that includes analysis of the patient safety concepts and techniques used in the office along with suggestions for improvement. If the criteria for SCOPE certification is met, a three year certificate is granted.

SCOPE’s primary focus is the processes associated with enhancing the safety environment and reducing risks for patients in the office setting.

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