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KELO TV in Sioux Falls Features Sanford CMN Heroes in Weeklong Series

Sioux Falls KELO TV airs Sanford and CMN related stories

On Thursday, April 5th at 7 p.m. Don Jorgensen and Angela Kennecke from Kelo TV will host a one-hour Childrens Miracle Network special in high definition. This broadcast will share inspiring stories of hope, health and healing at Sanford Childrens Hospital and give the opportunity to donate to CMN.

Monday April 2:

Sara Skybergs story. Sara Skyberg was left abandoned in a field in Nepal. She was adopted by a family in SD, now they’ve recently found out she has cancer.

Tuesday April 3:
Austin Dossett/Dr. Haft story. This Madison SD 16-year-old and has scoliosis. Hes had surgery with Dr. Haft recently and will soon start running track again. If he didnt have the surgery, the prognosis was that hed have been in a wheelchair within the next 20 years.
The O-Arm used by Dr. Haft allows him to operate with more precision on back surgery patients. CMN funds helped purchase the new O-Arm.

A Medical Miracle. Benjamin Cunningham was seriously injured in a crash near Round Lake, Minnesota. Hear from Dr. Segeleon from the Sanford PICU about Benjamins first moments after arriving at Sanford Childrens and why some are calling him a medical miracle.

Wednesday April 4:
An update on the Vandrovec Family. Kailey survived after being born at just 24 weeks. Her sister Breley did not survive. KELO does an update on Kailey to show where shes at today.

Year of the Nurse: Sanford Childrens Meet two nurses who work at Sanford Childrens hospital. Find out what they do, why they love their job and why they love working with the kids at Sanford Childrens.

Thursday April 5:

Sarah Sinkes Story - Sarah was born with Vacterl syndrome. After several surgeries in her first year of life she was diagnosed with cancer at age 3. She goes in for surgery to remove a tumor. KELO will focus on all the specialties that are offered at Sanford Children’s Hospital.

Friday April 6:
Cooling blankets in the NICU - CMN funds helped purchase cooling blankets for the NICU. These are beneficial during critical moments when children might need to be cooled down to prevent further damage to their bodies/brains, etc.