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Money from National Institutes of Health will support work at the Center for Cancer Biology Research

Money from National Institutes of Health will support work at the Center for Cancer Biology Research

(Sioux Falls, SD) Five research labs at the Center for Cancer Biology Research at Sanford Research/USD will benefit from a multi-million dollar, five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH has awarded the Center for Cancer Biology Research $2.3 million annually for research done on breast, head and neck, colon, prostate and lymphoid cancers.

“This grant is in recognition of the significant and comprehensive research efforts underway at Sanford Research, and it provides a strong and solid foundation for continued innovation in cancer research,” says Eugene Hoyme, MD, Sanford Research president.

The NIH is the country’s medical research agency. It supports scientific studies that improve the health and wellness of the nation. At the Center for Biology Research, the money will be used to hire more investigators to help with the research and will aid in the development of what are called “core facilities.” The facilities will be available for use by all Sanford Research investigators, not just those in the area of cancer.

“This allows our investigators to focus on their work and further establish themselves in the research field,” says Keith Miskimins, PhD, Center for Cancer Biology Research director and Principal Investigator on the grant. “That means additional funding in the future for these investigators who are working toward better understanding cancers, how to treat it and ultimately, how to cure it.”

The grant from NIH is noteworthy because it supports five investigators, whereas grants typically only support one at a time. Investigators include Kristi Egland, PhD, Meena Jaggi, PhD, Subhash Chauhan, PhD, Satoshi Nagata, PhD and William Spanos, MD.

About Sanford Research/USD

Sanford Research/USD is a non-profit research organization formed between Sanford Health and the University of South Dakota. Sanford Health is an integrated health system headquartered in Fargo, ND and Sioux Falls, SD and represents the largest, rural, not-for-profit healthcare system in the nation with a presence in 111 communities, eight states and three countries. In 2007, a transformational gift of $400 million by Denny Sanford provided for an expansion of children’s and research initiatives, specifically finding a cure for type 1 diabetes, and has given Sanford Research significant momentum in its goal of becoming one of the premiere research institutions in the United States and the world. Most recently, a subsequent gift of $100 million by Mr. Sanford has paved the way to establish Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research.

With a team of more than 180 researchers, Sanford Research comprises several research centers, including The Sanford Project (type 1 diabetes), Cancer Biology, Cardiovascular Health, Health Disparities, Methodology and Data Analysis, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Native American Health and the National Institute for Athletic Health and Performance.

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