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Sanford Cancer Center Offers Patients Advanced Radiation Treatments

Sanford patients can now access the world’s most advanced cancer treatment system. Sanford Cancer Center in Sioux Falls, SD has installed a TomoTherapy Hi·Art treatment system.  

(Sioux Falls, SD) – Sanford patients can now access the world’s most advanced cancer treatment system. Sanford Cancer Center in Sioux Falls, SD has installed a TomoTherapy Hi·Art treatment system. TomoTherapy combines CT imaging with radiation therapy to deliver sophisticated radiation treatments with speed and precision while reducing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

“We are certain that our patients will benefit tremendously from TomoTherapy treatments because the radiation can be pinpointed exactly where it needs to go, minimizing damage to healthy tissues and reducing side effects,” stated Charles P. O’Brien, MD, president, Sanford USD Medical Center.

Steve McGraw, MD, radiation oncologist at Sanford Cancer Center, states, “The addition of TomoTherapy to the other radiation platforms we already have in our department, allows us as clinicians to choose the best tool from the arsenal to treat the patients specific disease. With multiple different ways to deliver radiation, we can maximize the advantages of each for the patients benefit.”

Unlike traditional radiation therapy equipment, the TomoTherapy unit doubles as an on-board CT scanner. This allows true CT images of a patient’s anatomy to be created with the same physical equipment next used to treat that patient. This brings clinicians unprecedented confidence that tumors will receive their intended dosage from one day to the next.

“As an oncologist, it’s critical my patients receive the most comprehensive care possible, whether that is in the hospital, clinic or in radiation oncology,” said Michael Keppen, MD oncologist, Sanford Cancer Center. “The goal of the entire Sanford Cancer team is to improve patient outcomes, which is why the installation of this technology is so rewarding for our entire team.”

Another major difference with TomoTherapy is the way that radiation hits the treatment area. A single beam of radiation is modulated into smaller “beamlets”, which are delivered in a helical pattern, from any point in a 360° radius around the patient. Typically, tens of thousands of beamlets are included in this unique delivery pattern. With that many beamlets, delivered from all angles around the patient, dose conforms to the tumor and avoids critical organs like never before—which can mean improved outcomes, fewer side effects and a higher quality of life.

About Sanford Cancer Center

As a leader in the field, Sanford Cancer Center in Sioux Falls, SD offers a unique, full continuum of care with advanced state-of-the-art treatment methods while maintaining highly personalized care that focuses on the emotional, social and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families. In keeping with a commitment to excellence, Sanford continues to expand its multidisciplinary approach to cancer care as well as develop its destination cancer center by adding physicians, services, technology and facilities. As one of only 30 sites in the nation in the National Cancer Institute's Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP), the level of care experienced by patients at Sanford Cancer Center is unmatched by any cancer program in our region.

About TomoTherapy Incorporated

TomoTherapy Incorporated has developed, manufactures and sells the Hi·Art® system, one of the most advanced and versatile radiation therapy systems commercially available for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers. TomoTherapy Incorporated markets the Hi·Art® treatment system to university research centers, hospitals, private and governmental institutions and cancer treatment centers in North America, Europe and Asia.
Stacy Bauer Jones | Media Relations Manager | Sioux Falls Region
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