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Taking Care of Your Health Today Can Save You Dollars to Enjoy Your Retirement Years

When planning for retirement don't forget to put a "healthy lifestyle plan" on your list of financial planning. Why? Because if you take measures to keep your body healthy today you will likely have more dollars to spend on enjoying your retirement years versus spending those dollars for medications and medical treatments that Medicare may not cover. By making healthy lifestyle choices you can protect your financial resources and ensure that your golden years are pleasurable and fulfilling.

Healthy lifestyle practices today that can help you save dollars for tomorrow include:

  1. Eating foods that fuel your body for wellness. One easy start is to learn how to read food labels.
  2. Managing your stress levels. Begin by putting your stressors into perspective. Are you giving a 10 level stress response to a 2 level issue?
  3. Physical activity to keep your back strong and your internal organs healthy by getting appropriate levels of oxygen and blood. Start with a small group class that allows you to work on your individual upper body strengthening plan.

If you already have a "healthy aging plan" - great! If you need to develop a plan remember to start with small achievable steps that will give you success to help ensure continuance of your plan. Too grand, too ambitious, too much will likely lead you to start and give up.

So, when planning for retirement remember a "healthy aging plan" along with your fiscal plan of IRA's, 401(k)s and other investments. Saving dollars and feeling good - a great combination.

For help in developing your "Healthy Aging Plan" call us at the Mutch Women's Center for Health Enrichment at 605-328-7155. Start planning today to enjoy life tomorrow.