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Employee Gives Prize Puppy to Patient

There was a young patient at Sanford tugging at Hall's heart strings...

When James Hall of Sanford Construction Services recently won a pure bred yellow lab puppy being raffled off for Children’s Miracle Network, he was ecstatic. Especially since his own hunting dog had died in February. However, there was a young patient at Sanford tugging at Hall’s heart strings.

While the four puppies were being raffled off at Sanford USD Medical Center by the maintenance department, Anna Pringnitz would spend as much time as she could with the little dogs. In March, Anna was hospitalized for 25 days following a surgery.

When Hall found out he had won the lab puppy, he saw Anna out of the corner of his eye and remembered hearing stories about how much she loved those dogs. Even though he had just lost his own dog, Hall knew “the puppy would benefit the patient in more ways than anyone could possibly imagine.” So, he gave her the pup.

Anna recently sent a letter of thanks to Hall and the Maintenance Department. She told them she had named the dog Sanford Champion. “Champ” for short.