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The Birth Place Where Your Experience of a Lifetime Begins

Nothing in life is more exciting than having a new baby come into the world. It is a time of wonder and amazement for those experiencing the miracle of birth.

Nothing in life is more exciting than having a new baby come into the world. It is a time of wonder and amazement for those experiencing the miracle of birth. In support of moms-to-be and their families, The Birth Place recently completed an extensive renovation project to help every family have the experience of a lifetime.

Creating a family-centered birth experience is at the heart of The Birth Place. This means the mom-to-be and her family’s needs influence every aspect of care during the birth of her baby.

Family-centered care at The Birth Place means:

  • Moms-to-be and their families receive personalized care, geared directly to their unique wants and needs.
  • Communication is at the center of the birthing experience. Birth plans are welcomed and used to help create personalized care. The Birth Plan helps a mom-to-be communicate her wishes for pain relief, laboring environment, laboring techniques, music and visitors. While not every birth can go exactly as planned, a well-constructed birth plan allows The Birth Place team to understand mom’s needs and guides them through her wishes for the delivery.
  • Families of all cultures and beliefs are embraced and respected.
  • A team of labor-trained nurses are solely-focused on maternity care, ready with the latest technology as well as a soft touch and reassuring voice throughout labor and delivery.
  • New operating rooms have been built for births of multiples from twins to quads.
  • The region’s largest team of certified lactation consultants is available for new moms, both in the hospital and after they go home.
  • If it’s needed, The Birth Place has immediate access to multiple specialists, as well as Sanford Children’s Boekelheide Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • Each room has a comfortable sleeper-sofa so the dad or family can stay close to both the new mom and baby.
  • A special Father’s Space provides new dads with a place all their own – complete with the amenities all dads crave, including a big-screen TV, leather furniture and a coffee bar.
  • State-of-the-art security includes a fully-locked unit and matching electronic ID bracelets provided to both the new mom and her baby.
  • Families are welcome to be part of the birth experience and can enjoy multiple family waiting areas, a coffee bar and a children’s play center.
  • All new moms enjoy a free massage from Vivaz Medical Spa, compliments of The Birth Place.
  • New parents are supported throughout their journey into parenthood with a variety of educational opportunities including pregnancy preparation, breastfeeding assistance and new parent services. While still in the hospital, expert nursing staff teach new parents to bathe, feed and care for their new babies.


“Every detail of our environment has been deliberately crafted to meet the individual needs of the families in our care,” says Georgia Stern, Director of The Birth Place and GYN Services. “The Birth Place’s recent renovation reinforces our dedication to providing mom’s-to-be the highest quality of care in a healthy, family-centered environment.”

Each year, thousands of babies are born at The Birth Place, but every experience is unique. Come see how the family-centered approach creates the experience of a lifetime. Call (605) 328-7140 to schedule a personal tour.