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Physician Spotlight Nancy Carroll MD

Learn more about Nancy Carroll, a Pediatrician with Sanford Clinic Acute Care.

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Residency: University of Kansas

Family: husband, Larry; sons, Rod and Chris

Favorite movies: I will watch anything with Tom Hanks. My other favorite is Robert Downey, Jr.

Favorite TV channel: Discovery or History channels

Hobbies: playing violin, needlework, gardening

You have always been a caring person.

Growing up in a family with eight kids, I was always the one who found injured animals, birds, baby bunnies and brought them home, nursed them and took care of them. I was raised you should always do what you can for others, and I always knew I had a talent for caring for people.

What do you like best about pediatrics?

I enjoy the kids! I can joke around and still be kind of a kid myself. I can wear my Mickey Mouse watch and my colored socks. For pediatrics, I view myself as a physician who is really family-oriented. You’re not just treating the child. You are helping the parents take care of their child. I like all aspects of pediatrics. I switched from general practice pediatrics to acute care about eight years ago.

What do you like about working at Sanford Clinic Acute Care?

Acute care has expanded what I get to do. I do a lot more sutures and fracture care in acute illness, but I also encounter a lot of children who have chronic medical problems that haven’t yet been recognized. I work every weekend, but the hours give me a lot more personal time, which I hadn’t had for many years. I kind of had to rediscover myself, so to speak.

That change in schedule allowed you to rediscover some of your other talents.

I play violin. From medical school through the first 15 years of my practice it was very, very tough to play at all, especially since I had young children, too. I gradually brought it back through playing in church. Now, I play in a trio with two other physicians, Mary Helen Harris, MD and Terri Peterson-Henry, MD. Some of our practice sessions turn into more of a counseling session for each other on how to deal with some of the stresses of the job. Then we play and just have some fun.

What is your philosophy of care?

I believe to do it thoroughly and do it right. I can also say that I have always approached medicine from the standpoint of, “The buck stops here.” Somebody presents a problem to me that needs to be solved, and by golly, I am going to figure out what’s wrong or I am going to figure out how we are going to get to that answer.

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