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Sioux Falls Skyforce Teams up with Sanford Health

Sioux Falls Skyforce Teams up the Sanford Health for the 2009 - 10 Season.

The Sioux Falls Skyforce basketball team has teamed up with Sanford Health once again for the 2009-10 NBA-Developmental League Season. Over the past 15 seasons, Sanford Health has provided the Official Sports Medicine Team for the Skyforce. But this year, the National Institute for Athletic Health & Performance at Sanford is coordinating a complete hydration, nutrition, training and injury risk reduction athletic enhancement program designed specifically for each player.

The National Institute for Athletic Health & Performance (NIAHP) at Sanford has developed a new integrated package of services provided by NIAHP, Sanford Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Sanford POWER Center, and Sanford Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists that began in the preseason and is continuing throughout the 2009-10 season, to optimize health and performance of the Sioux Falls Skyforce.

NIAHP is conducting individual assessments and providing customized recommendations on hydration, nutrition, recovery, and fitness that will optimize each player’s performance and reduce injury risk. NIAHP’s Sports Dietitian has developed nutrition guidelines specific for each individual player; while each of the Skyforce players had his sweat rate and content analyzed to assist in guiding individualized nutrition and rehydration strategies. The staff at NIAHP will also be completing body composition assessments and aerobic fitness testing and will continue to monitor hydration status of each player throughout the season.

Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physicians conducted comprehensive pre-participation physical exams on all Skyforce players. Any concerns found were followed up with a consultation with the team physician, and players with addressable orthopedic issues were referred to Sanford Sport Rehabilitation. All players also underwent baseline concussion testing, using the nationally known computerized ImPACT assessment program that Sanford Health is trained to offer. These cognition tests will provide a baseline for each player that will help the medical staff in determining the degree of head trauma severity and return to play readiness should a player experience a head injury. A Sanford Certified Athletic Trainer (AT) is also with the team for all practices and games. The AT works closely with the team physician and coaching staff to monitor the medical status of the players. In addition to the myriad athletic training services provided such as daily treatment and rehabilitation of the players, the Skyforce AT works closely with NIAHP and others on the integrated team to provide insight and critical information regarding each player’s day-to-day health and well being.

The Sanford POWER Athlete Enhancement Program is providing a dedicated Strength & Conditioning Specialist to the team. This basketball conditioning specialist has evaluated each player individually and assessed his training needs and performance goals. Individualized programs are designed for each member of the team based on these initial evaluations that included biomechanical and physical therapy assessments such as Functional Movement Screening. The team of over ten Sanford Health employees work together with the Skyforce coaching staff and their players to help the Skyforce optimize performance, reduce injury risk and minimize rehabilitation time. Sanford Health is proud of this unique integrated program for the Skyforce and looks forward to working with local high school, college and professional teams to similarly help maximize the talent on each team and keep players in the game.

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