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Physician Spotlight Timothy Hurley MD

Physician Spotlight: Timothy Hurley, MD Sanford Clinic Adult Medicine

How did you come to Sioux Falls?

I came to Sioux Falls after visiting a friend in 1981. It’s a good place to practice medicine, it’s a good place to raise a family and it’s economically vibrant. Shortly after my arrival, I developed an interest in vascular medicine. Along the way I developed an interest in phlebology, which is the focus of my practice..

What is phlebology?

Phlebology is the evaluation and treatment of vein disease and varicose veins. It also involves evaluating limb pain and swelling. I have studied phlebology for about 20 years. I recently became the first board certified phlebologist in South Dakota.

What conditions do you see the most?

My passion is working with patients suffering from varicose veins. The treatment methods changed over time and now we have options that are much less invasive with reduced recovery time. A few decades ago, the common treatment was vein stripping which could be very painful, caused scarring and required a lengthy period of recovery. Today, we can treat the varicose veins using sclerotherapy or radiofrequency ablation. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the vein with a liquid that irritates the vein, causing the body to absorb the dead vein. Radiofrequency ablation is delivered with the use of a catheter treating leaky valves. Both procedures are done on an outpatient basis allowing the patient to return to work the next day.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend time with my family. I have four brothers who live in Grand Forks along with my mom. I have two sons, Kevin who lives in Minneapolis, and Ryan, in Sioux Falls. My fiancé Rachel and I spend a lot of time with our three cats and two bichons. I also love to exercise. One year, I ran in 26 races, but now I run for fun. I also read every day.

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