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West Holt Memorial Hospital Enhances Relationship with Sanford Health

Hospital to Become Managed by Sanford Health Network

(Sioux Falls, SD) – West Holt Memorial Hospital in Atkinson, NE announced today it will become a managed facility of Sanford Health effective October 1, 2009. West Holt Memorial has been an associate facility of Sanford Health since June 1, 2000.

"Moving from an associate arrangement to a managed facility means more stability for healthcare in the Atkinson area," said Michael Coyle, CEO, West Holt Memorial Hospital. "We are dedicated to rural health care and its future, and we are proud to partner with the Sanford name and identity as we work with medical facilities and providers across the region to improve the human condition."

Becoming a managed facility means Coyle becomes an employee of Sanford Health, and Sanford Health will provide advice and direction in assisting Coyle with daily operations. Sanford Health will provide purchasing and other services at a reduced fee for the facility.

"The reduced fees will allow West Holt to compete in an increasingly competitive healthcare market. In addition, Sanford Health will also be more accountable for the operations to the West Holt Board of Directors," said Dennis Garwood, Board Chair, West Holt Memorial Hospital. "The local board will still remain in full control, but we will also have Sanford Health to use as a tremendous resource."

West Holt Medical Services is an 18 bed hospital offers 24-hour access to inpatient and emergency services with five providers on staff 24-7. With approximately 90 employees, it provides comprehensive, community-based healthcare to residents in north central Nebraska with a full-service hospital, two clinics and an on campus retail pharmacy. On-site comprehensive diagnostic services and outpatient care make it possible for patient to receive quality healthcare—close to home.