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Sanford Jackson Designated Level IV Trauma Hospital

The Minnesota Department of Health recently designated Sanford Jackson Medical Center (SJMC) as a Level IV trauma hospital to become part of Minnesota’s statewide trauma system.

“Being recognized as a Level IV trauma hospital illustrates our dedication to the health of the residents of Jackson County and to those that might be passing through,” said Mary Ruyter, CEO Sanford Jackson Medical Center.

States with trauma systems have seen survival rates increase by 15 to 20 percent. Wide-scale participation in the voluntary trauma system ensures that a statewide, cooperative effort is in place to care for seriously injured patients.

“With the designation of Sanford Jackson as a level IV trauma hospital, we are getting closer to our goal of ensuring that seriously injured Minnesotans have access to an organized system of trauma care wherever they are in the state,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health, Dr. Sanne Magnan.