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First Sanford World Clinic Unveiled

Sanford Children's Clinic is extending their reach around the world. So far, the health system has announced two world clinics and Tuesday, one of those communities celebrated a new kind of health care.

It all began as Sanford executives discussed their vision to bring world class health care to children everywhere. That vision was then presented to Denny Sanford, and his $400 million gift has turned that dream into a reality.

Last spring, ground was broken to build Sanford's first World Clinic. And as the dirt moved, the community of Duncan, Oklahoma got that much closer to receiving pediatric health care closer to home.

“The more that we've been down there and been a part of that community, working with that hospital system down there, it has felt very comfortable,” Sanford Clinic President Dr. Dan Blue said.

And Tuesday, the community celebrated its grand opening.

The small town is home to just 34 doctors and nearly 11,000 children. And because the community's provider base is primarily family medicine, it's a need this small, rural town couldn't go without.

“The closest pediatrician, I believe is about 30 miles away but most are 60 miles away,” Blue said.

The $3 million, 8,000 square foot facility is home to 12 exam rooms, a procedure room as well as full lab and x-ray. And the clinic continues the castle of care theme.

“The castle, the castle of care and that whole image has really captured the imagination and the attention of so many people with the opening of the children's hospital. We really wanted to extend that to these clinics,” Blue said.

Blue says this is just the beginning of extending Sanford's care for children. What began as a 5 clinic vision, building a new one every two years, has turned into something much bigger.

“We anticipate that we will have a number of these underway as far as construction this next year,” Blue said.

Two physicians have already signed on board and the clinic officially opens August 3. Sanford Health recently announced its second clinic site. The new Sanford Children's Clinic Belize is expected to open in 2011. 

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