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Vaccine Information

A response to questions about childhood immunizations

It is our experience that patients and parents have questions about the health of their children and themselves, particularly about ways to prevent disease. Among the best advances in preventative medicine are vaccines targeted to prevent very serious or even deadly diseases. Recently, there has been a lot of information about the safety of these vaccines. The writer may quote internet sites as a source for information that backs his position. Information found on the internet may be reliable, or may be cleverly packaged misinformation. In addition, it may require a significant medical background to discern the difference.

It is important to be able to distinguish reliable information about the safety of vaccines. We suggest a non-biased web site that is diligently monitored by scientists for expertise and by non-scientists for clarity. The site is . We would suggest those who have questions review the link regarding mercury in vaccines and safety. For those who are wondering, these have been thoroughly investigated by many different investigators, and the outcomes refute any serious concerns about mercury in vaccines. In addition to speaking with your physician, this website is a reliable source to answer your questions about the safety and reliability of vaccines.

Sanford Clinic Family Medicine

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