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Woodrow Wilson School Wins Kindness Contest

MeritCare Kindness Contest promotes wellness and goodwill. Over 70 schools participated, but only one could be recognized. Woodrow Wilson Community High School took home top honors.

The Celebrate Kindness campaign provides an opportunity for children and adults to join together to spread peace through kind acts. Each year, individuals, schools, families, faith communities, healthcare facilities, local businesses, and service organizations are encouraged to use this week to promote goodwill by sharing kindness with friends, neighbors, and even perfect strangers.

This year during our Centennial-themed 100 Ways to Be Kind, Woodrow Wilson Community High School in Fargo stood out among its peers. Teacher Sheri Ernst and students Katie Hawkinson & Kristin Moffatt led the way.

Everyday during Kindness week the student leaders had a fun activity planned to help motivate the students. Themes were planned for each day to encourage students to participate. Throughout the week the Kind Cards were hung in the hallway and on Friday they were used in a drawing for the tee shirts.
Some of the events were:

A Blood Drive, several students donated blood, but even students who could not give blood due to age or other restrictions watched the video and were educated about the value of donating blood.

The FACS students made heart sugar cookies to sell on Valentines Day. Students could buy a paper Valentine and a cookie to be delivered on Valentines Day. What was really neat was that every student in the school received a heart that day from someone.

The money raised from the Kindness events was pooled together and along with a donation of money from an employee of State Bank and Trust and their "Pay It Forward Challenge", fleece was purchased to make blankets for Project Linus. On March 28th students worked together to make 60 blankets for Project Linus to donate to the students of Pelican Rapids, MN who were hurt in the bus accident in April 2008.

Congratulations to them and to of those who participated. With kindness at the forefront, we all are true winners!