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Sioux Valley Hospital USD Medical Center Adds Second Robotic Assisted Surgical System

Sioux Valley Hospital USD Medical Center continues to expand its surgical services to lead the region in patient outcomes.

Sioux Valley Hospital USD Medical Center continues to expand its surgical services to lead the region in patient outcomes. Sioux Valley has added its second daVinci® Surgical System. In 2004, Sioux Valley became the first hospital in the region to invest in the equipment. Because of outstanding response from physicians and improved patient outcomes, Sioux Valley has added a second system. Sioux Valley is still the only hospital in the region using the daVinci® Surgical System. Fewer than 30 hospitals in the country have more than one daVinci® Surgical System including The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Methodist Hospital in Houston, The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.

The daVinci® Surgical System allows surgeons to be even more precise which improves patient outcomes. Patients may experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced trauma to the body

  • Less anesthesia

  • Often less blood loss and need for transfusions

  • Less post-operative pain and discomfort

  • Less risk of infection

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • Faster recovery and return to normal daily activities

  • Less scarring
The da Vinci® Surgical System uses four robotic arms to assist and enhance a surgeon’s precise touch. The operation is performed through incisions no wider than a fingertip. A pencil-sized video camera held by one of the arms is inserted through an incision to provide magnified, 3-dimensional images of the surgical site. The surgeon, seated at a console, uses hand controls to guide the system’s other 3 arms, equipped with surgical instruments. The remote-controlled instruments can be used in hard-to-reach areas and turned in ways that would be impossible with normal wrist dexterity. Altogether, these advantages allow the surgeon to work on a smaller scale and more precisely than traditional open surgery.

Since 2004, nearly 400 surgeries have been performed at Sioux Valley Hospital using the da Vinci® Surgical System. This includes a dozen different procedures including hysterectomies, nissen fundoplication for reflux, removal of the prostate (prostatectomy), and hernia repair.