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Anterior Hip Replacement

Are you an active, motivated person with hip pain? Are you interested in a hip replacement option that could be less painful and allow more mobility?

The hip replacement program at Sanford Health is a comprehensive, evidence-based, best practice level of care focused on you. This program links all aspects of joint replacement surgery into one simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand journey. From pre-operative exercises to surgery, to rehabilitation and post replacement mobility, this program is centered around your total care and comfort.

Beginning with a pre-operative educational class, patients selected for the Anterior Hip Replacement Program through the Center for Joint Success begin their journey. Preparing for surgery is an important aspect of your hip replacement. During your visit with the orthopedic surgeon, you will receive a journey map to help guide you through the process. You will visit your primary care physician and we encourage you to visit a dentist if you have not seen one in the past six months. We also want you to consider help at home after discharge and make plans ahead of time to have someone stay with you for a few days to assist you as needed.

You arrive the day of surgery and are cared for by a team dedicated to joint replacements. Physical Therapy begins the same day of surgery with patients leaving the hospital after a one night stay. You are in good hands with our team of dedicated nurses, many certified in orthopedic nursing.

Achieving your goals is easier due to the program's unique approaches that are considered best practices throughout the nation. Your "coach" is essential in supporting you throughout your journey.

Patient education is at the core of our program's success. You will receive helpful information before and after your surgery that is designed to maximize your hip replacement journey.

As you continue through your hip replacement journey, the team will stay in contact to assure you are achieving the successful end result you desire.

Due to the technique involved with this surgical approach, limited patients will qualify. As you and your orthopedic surgeon engage in shared decision making to decide which options and program are best for you, the following points will help determine your plan of care:

  • An average to slender body frame or BMI
  • Lead an active, motivated lifestyle.
  • Limited medical history.

To schedule an appointment, or learn how the hip replacement program at Sanford Health Center for Joint Success can help you or a loved one, please contact our location nearest you.

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