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Let the experts at Sanford Home Medical Equipment help you find the medical equipment you need. Our services focus on your safety and comfort. We’re here to help you find the products and services that are the perfect fit for your health needs, physical characteristics, environment and lifestyle.

We have locations serving patients across South Dakota, southern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa. Call us today at (888) 845-4438.


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Our specialists are there to answer questions and address concerns. We’ll find the home medical equipment that will improve your quality of life. Every patient is different, and we use a personalized approach to help you find the products that will help you maintain or regain your independence.


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Our Products and Services

We sell a variety of durable, reliable medical equipment. Sanford Home Medical Equipment offers these products and services:

  • Bariatric shoes: Shoes specifically designed to reduce swelling in the feet.

  • Compression socks: Socks designed to improve circulation in your legs, reducing pain and swelling.

  • CPAP machine: A mask that helps people with sleep apnea breathe easier. Call (888) 845-4438 to schedule a fitting. More information below.

  • Incrediwear sleeves: These sleeves increase circulation, reducing inflammation, easing pain and helping you heal faster.

  • OSKA Pulse: These wearable devices provide a non-drug solution for pain and inflammation.

  • Respiratory equipment: We carry breathing and respiratory equipment, including oxygen supplies.

  • SoClean CPAP Sanitizer: Easily clean CPAP equipment. Disinfects the mask, hose and machine without using water or harsh chemicals.

Our other home medical equipment products include:

  • ACL and sports braces

  • Bariatric equipment

  • Bath and toilet aids

  • Beds and accessories

  • Diabetic shoes (not available in Minnesota or Iowa)

  • Knee and back braces

  • Ostomy, wound and incontinence care

  • Power lift chairs

  • Power scooters and wheelchairs

  • Women’s specialty products

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