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Diabetes Research

Worldwide, about 70,000 children under age 14 are developing type 1 diabetes each year. Sanford Health has dedicated a translational research center focused on targeting diabetes research, cures and care called The Sanford Project. This team uses recent advancements in regenerative and personalized medicine to conduct pre-clinical and clinical studies aimed at stimulating repair mechanisms to reboot insulin-producing beta-cells.

Clinical trials relating to diabetes are available for both children and adults. Participating in a trial may provide you with access to new treatment options while furthering the development of a cure for future generations. The number of people with diabetes is increasing and diabetes continues to be a serious threat to the life and health of many people who don't even know they have diabetes. Learn more about The Sanford Project and current clinical trials available below.

The Sanford Project

The Sanford Project

One of Sanford Health’s initiatives is The Sanford Project. The Sanford Project is an emerging translational research center focused on targeted diabetes research, cures and care. We also conduct clinical trials and investigate FDA-approved drugs.

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Diabetes Clinical Trails

Sanford Health provides the most advanced care and treatment that today's medical research offers and has over 300 ongoing clinical trials for children and adults. Participating in a clinical trial may provide access to innovative treatments, while helping to improve care and find cures for future generations.

Understanding Diabetes

Find out more information about types of diabetes, take a risk assessment, and learn about complications and how to manage your condition.