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Craniofacial Pain

Craniofacial pain includes jaw pain and facial pain but neck pain and headaches frequently accompany the first two. Proper treatment of craniofacial pain must include a physical therapist, a dentist, a primary care physician and sometimes an oral surgeon. Physical Therapy is necessary to improve the biomechanics from the neck on up but often times we look from the pelvis on up to create a solid foundation.

We will work with you one on one to instruct you in a home exercise program, apply manual techniques about the neck and jaw, and provide modalities as needed for pain relief. A dentist is necessary as intraoral splints are frequently required to resolve the problem. Many patients are amazed as to how much better they feel once they start wearing the mouth splints. Your physician will also be necessary as x-rays are helpful to view the neck and jaw. Your primary physician will also assist you with medication management. On occasion an oral surgeon is also necessary for evaluation and surgical management.