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OB heart healing

Art and music have long been known to comfort and soothe the human spirit and body. Art influences the speed of recovery and also provides distraction for patients and families during challenging times.

Art curators for Sanford Heart Hospital commissioned 130 works of art from regional artists that embrace healing energy, the meaning of family and showcase the top 20 communities we serve.

Distraction therapy

In many areas, custom-designed ceiling tiles and digital frames display artwork to help provide positive distractions.

In addition, during post-anesthesia recovery and in their rooms, patients get special pillows equipped with speakers and soothing music they can adjust to their desired volume – for comfort, distraction and relaxation.

Artful navigation

Each of the hospital's six floors has a unique theme, and healing artwork is also a part of our way-finding for patients and families during their stay – next to elevators and other points of navigation.

Art at work

Art is equally important to our staff's energy and ability to provide physical and spiritual care to patients, families and each other. We've designed a unique mosaic that each staff member has a part in creating. With special clear and blue beads provided to staff, each individual reaffirms their commitment to patient care as they place these beads in what will become a rendering of the Big Sioux River – a strong symbol of changing landscapes and brighter futures.

Magic of music

Music is a vital part of the healing process. We've carefully chosen soothing background music that mirrors the human circadian (wake/sleep) rhythms – you'll hear this playing in public areas throughout the hospital. Brighter, more energetic in the morning and more relaxing in the evening.

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