My Sanford Nurse

Your 24/7 Nurse On Call

Urgent care or an emergency room? Ask a nurse at Sanford Health to get the answer immediately. Call the My Sanford Nurse hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our registered nurses assess your symptoms and concerns with compassion, confidentiality and professionalism. Ask a Sanford nurse. We can help right now.

North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota

(701) 234-5000
(800) 821-5167

South Dakota, Southwest Minnesota and Northwest Iowa

(605) 333-4444
(800) 445-5788

When to contact My Sanford Nurse:

  • You need help deciding whether to visit a doctor or an emergency room
  • You feel sick, but don’t know for sure if you need a doctor
  • You have questions about your symptoms
  • You would like information on medications and side effects
  • You need tips on taking care of yourself at home
  • You have any general health concerns

My Sanford Nurse uses the latest medical knowledge to provide you with advice and information for your unique concerns. For a medical emergency, dial 911.