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Always connected with NicView™ 24/7 video access to your baby

Sanford Children’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) offers parents, families and friends peace of mind with a virtual way to connect and bond with your hospitalized baby when being next to the bedside is not an option. NicView™ is a small camera system placed at the baby’s designated bed space providing live video streaming 24 hours a day.

Through a secure, password-protected system, loved ones can view baby in real time on any web-enabled device. NicView does not transmit sound or record video or images, but provides video access to users with the password. Designed to monitor daily progress when unable to come to the hospital, families and friends report a stronger bond and decreased anxiety despite the distance barrier.

Parents who are interested in NicView may talk to their nurse or physician about signing up. After signing a consent form, unique login credentials are provided through email or text to be shared with family and friends. Login information should not be shared without permission from the hospitalized baby’s parents.

 If you are interested in receiving access to NicView, contact your nurse or physician.

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