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Cardiologist helping a patient

Outpatient Chronic Condition Management

We help patients who are diagnosed with a heart disease or vascular issues and need guidance managing their condition. With a referral from the Sanford Heart and Vascular Clinic, the journey managing your heart disease begins with our team of skilled experts in the areas of:

Vascular Risk Factor Evaluation

Know your heart disease risk factors. Your team of experts will help identify and eliminate cardiovascular risk factors that increase your chances of disease progression:

Conditions we identify, isolate and help you monitor and control:

Shared Medical Appointment:  

This consult clinic is a more purposeful and intensive means of following-up with patients who have been seen at the Heart and Vascular Clinic.  We keep in mind that your primary care provider will be an integral on the road to managing chronic conditions. Sanford offers a shared medical appointment for Heart and Vascular Clinic patients focused on lifestyle changes that can help you reduce Cardiovascular risk factors (e.g., obesity, Hypertension) as well as making medication changes. 
Before your appointment, our pharmacists will review your medications. They will provide recommendations to the referred cardiac. Any changes made in your treatment plan, as well as documentation of the visit, will be sent to your primary care provider.  While most of the appointment will be conducted in a group setting, the consultation with the physician will be done individually.

What to expect on your first visit: 

The Cardiac Rehab team will greet you. We engage in an educational session focused on reducing risk factors. You will then move to the Cardiac Rehab facility or gym and will be working with staff on exercise.  During this portion of your visit you will have an individual consultation appointment with an Internal medicine physician. With the physician, you will discuss the reason you were referred for the consultation.