Study ID: Radys Childrens Collaborative Research for Genomic Medicine


Rapid Whole Genome Sequencing (rWGS): Rapid Genomic Sequencing for Acutely Ill Patients and the Collection, Storage, Analysis, and Distribution of Biological Samples, Genomic and Clinical Data

This research study is completely voluntary. The purpose of this research is to see if a new type of test, rapid genomic sequencing, can provide a diagnosis for children who have symptoms that may be due to a genetic condition. We will also try to determine if that diagnosis helped your child’s doctors take better care of your child. In addition to providing diagnoses, this study will collect samples and data in a biorepository, which is like a bank, to help research rare pediatric genetic conditions. All samples and data will be coded with a unique identification number that is not related to any names or any other identifying information. This allows us to share samples with other researchers who are working on pediatric genetic conditions.
Fargo Region
Principal Investigator:
Mohamed Mohamed, MD
Active - Open to Accrual