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The interior is being designed to promote healing and reduce patient pain and stress. It will be innovative and flexible with adaptable spaces. The need for expansion in the future is also being taken into consideration.

Advanced Design

The facility will optimize the flow of people, materials and information. For example, a large pneumatic tube system will be used to create operational efficiencies in transporting trash, recycled materials and soiled linens.

In addition to the architects and building experts, Sanford Health physicians, nurses, administration, support staff and community members are contributing their time to the design process.

Groups are thoroughly inspecting patient room layouts with the goal of rooms being standardized. This provides consistency in patient care as well as flexibility for the future. Mock patient rooms are also available to help the design groups ensure the patient rooms are being optimized.

Design groups are working to gather details for the needs of the interior rooms including equipment, supplies, casework, outlets, doors, switches and technology.