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The new Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center incorporates some of the latest technology to not only improve patient care but the speed and safety in which it is delivered.


The Swisslog is a pneumatic tubing system that has been installed throughout the new facility. It works much like the tubing system you see at drive-through windows at banks. Medication, documents, samples or specimens are placed inside a container and then into centrally located terminals. With just a push of a button, items are transferred across the building. Staff can even label an order as "stat", which will cause it to be placed first on the list at the lab. This system helps staff save time in transferring items and allows them to spend more time investing in patients. Patients in turn do not have to wait as long for results, medicine or information.


A helipad is located on the new campus next to the inpatient wings. Flight teams will no longer have to transport critical patients from the airport to the hospital, saving time. And in life-threatening situations, those minutes saved matter.

Heated sidewalks

In northern Minnesota, winters can be harsh. When the snow falls, it can take a lot to clear it away. But at the new medical center, we have installed heated sidewalks. This reduces manual labor and helps preserve concrete from salt damage. Heated sidewalks not only help keep the pathways clear and ice-free but also keep those using them safe.

Lift systems

Many of the patient rooms in the hospital are equipped with a lift system. This means patients with limited mobility can be moved off the bed and around the room with greater ease. This also ensures not only their safety but the safety of the staff as well.