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Patient Hospital Rooms

If a patient needs to spend time in the hospital, we want it to be a calming experience. Our hospital rooms are designed to make a patient feel at ease. Incorporating a forest theme, the rooms are intended to sooth patients and promote healing.


Having family close is a great way to encourage healing. All inpatient suites include a sleeper sofa and a family area so patients do not have to be separated from their loved ones. The rooms are large enough to accommodate the patient, family and still have adequate space for the nurses, doctors and other staff to perform proper patient care.

The suites are also made to accommodate not only a patient's family, but also a patient's privacy. Every one of our 25 rooms is single occupancy. This allows patients to recover in peace without having to worry about a roommate on a different schedule. All rooms include a window so staff can easily check on patients, but there are also blinds if a patient desires even more privacy. Plus staff can access and restock supply closets in patient rooms through a door in the hallway so as not to disturb those inside.

Labor and delivery suites are also larger so all needed equipment can be stored and accessed within arms' reach. The sinks are also larger so baby can have the first bath in the room with mom. And with the exception of wheelchair accessible, all suites include a large whirlpool tub to help expectant and new mothers relax.

Many of the patient rooms in the hospital are equipped with a lift system built into the ceiling. This means patients with limited mobility can be moved off the bed and around the room with greater ease. This also ensures not only their safety but the safety of the staff as well.