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Since its inception in 1952 as Sheldon’s Health Center, Sanford Sheldon Medical Center has nurtured the vision of its founders by having the finest healthcare available, thanks in part to the generosity of the Sanford Sheldon Medical Center Foundation.

Sanford Sheldon Medical Center is proud of its caring yradition in meeting the needs of patients and their families. This partnership, together with support from the communities it serves, uniquely enables Sanford Sheldon Medical Center to make the dreams of healing, caring and educating a reality for hundreds of people each year.

Careful, effective administration of health income over the years has allowed Sanford Sheldon Medical Center to provide advanced equipment and innovative programs without placing an excessive cost on its care and services. However, the traditional sources of capital and program financing are increasingly inadequate without the support of friends like you who provide private funding.

The Foundation is currently seeking support now from those who wish to participate in the healing, caring and education that Sanford Sheldon Medical Center provides for people in need.

All support received will remain in the Sanford Sheldon Medical Center Foundation to be used in accordance with the goals and objectives set by the Foundation. Complete control will be maintained by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Together, we can preserve Sanford Sheldon Medical Center’s excellent healthcare services and facilities while sustaining the important extra dimensions of personalized care and attention. With your assistance, Sanford Sheldon Medical Center can share the vision and initiatives its healthcare leadership has been built upon.