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Patients & Visitors

Whether you're a patient at Sanford Jackson Medical Center or you're visiting a family member or friend, you probably have some general questions.

Registration & Information
You can call the receptionist desk at (507) 847-2420. The receptionist desk is located at the hosptial main entrance. If you need assistance finding a department or patient room, please ask the receptionist or ask any Sanford Health employee. We will be glad to show you the way.

Patient Bill of Rights
When you are sick or injured, legalities may not seem important, but they are. Did you know that you have rights as a Sanford patient that are protected by law? Knowing your rights can help you and your family make important decisions about your health care. Sanford Health is here to protect and promote your patient rights. To learn more, click here.

Patient Relations
Everyone at Sanford Jackson wants to make your visit as positive as possible. Our employees will help patients, families or visitors with patient care or safety concerns, problems or complaints, explain hospital policies and procedures, listen to suggestions and can forward the issue to Sanford management. The executive director can be reached at (507) 847-6950.

If your patient care and safety concerns have not been first addressed by Sanford management, you can contact the Minnesota Department of Health Office of Health Facility Complaints at (800) 369-7994 or contact them via email.

Sanford Jackson provides language services for limited English patients at no cost.  Please contact the facility for more information.

Parking is free and as convenient as possible. Physical therapy patients are encouraged to use parking spaces at the north end of the parking lot.

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