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Outreach Services

While your family medicine provider can treat most illnesses, sometimes a specialist is need to help with a disease or injury. The following physicians travel to the hospital or clinic in Chamberlain on a regular basis so you don't have to travel to see them.

Adam Stys, MD, FACC, FASA sees patients each month in Chamberlain for diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels. Call (877) 220-2929 to make an appointment.
Anthony Rupp, MD, sees patients monthly for diseases affecting the kidneys. Call (888) 225-5881 to make an appointment.
Angelo Santos, MD, sees patients monthly for heart and blood vessel problems including varicose veins. Call (800) 618-3186to make an appointment.
Diagnostic Mammograms and Breast Ultrasounds
Charles Flohr, MD, sees patients every other Wednesday in need of diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasounds. Call (605) 234-7169 to make an appointment.
Audiologist Mike Colleran, MA-CCA, sees patients for hearing problems. Call (800) 827-1622 to make an appointment.
Jeffrey Schmidt, DPM, sees patients with foot disorders. Call (605) 234-7169 to make an appointment. 
Paul Reynen, MD, sees patients monthly for General Sports Medicine, Shoulder Scope including rotator cuff and joint instability, Knee Scopes including ACL/PCL injuries, cartilage repairs and transplants. Call (605) 234-7169 to make an appointment. 
  Ear, Nose, and Throat
William Graham, MD, sees patients monthly for problems concerning the ear, nose, and throat. Call (605) 996-8386 to make an appointment.