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Whether it’s your first baby or your third, bringing a new baby into your family is a life-changing decision.  At Sanford Chamberlain, our team is here to answer your questions and provide guidance and care.

You can learn more about conception, receive prenatal care, and discover ways to make your pregnancy experience rewarding, easier and memorable for the whole family.

While an exciting time, the labor and birth process can be overwhelming. We want to help keep your experience as stress free as possible, before during and after your baby is born.

Our free prenatal classes provide you with a forum to ask lots of questions and make informed decisions about key issues surrounding your baby's birth.

Birth and Beyond Childbirth Class

 – A class for moms-to-be in their third trimester. Learn about the birthing process, labor support, newborn care and what to expect postpartum.

Lactation Counseling

 – Breast feeding is recommended as the best method of feeding newborn infants. Sanford Chamberlain Medical Center is committed to assisting mothers who desire to achieve the goal of breast feeding their infants. For more information, contact Jessica Roskens, Health Coach, at Sanford Chamberlain at 605-234-6551.

It may not be your home, but we want you to deliver your baby in a calm, nurturing environment.  Our birthing rooms combine comfort with the latest amenities to give you and your baby the best care possible.

Our birthing rooms are right next door to obstetrics services and extra care for baby if it’s needed. Special touches in these rooms include:  room service menus, wireless internet access and other amenities available for your comfort.

To schedule an appointment, call 605-234-6551.

OB Rewards

Sanford Chamberlain aims to inspire early and regular prenatal care with its OB Rewards program. Participants earn points for various health-related activities, such as going to prenatal appointments, abstaining from alcohol, drugs and tobacco while pregnant, enrolling in parent education courses and taking their baby to well-child visits. Points can be redeemed for child care essentials such as diapers, baby clothes, strollers and high chairs. For more information, call 605-234-6551.