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Friends of Canby Community Hospital District

2004 marked the establishment of a special organization that is dedicated to acquiring additional support for our health care facility. We have chosen the name, Friends of the Canby Community Hospital District, to provide special recognition for those who want to be supportive of an initiative to improve the facility.

Two separate organizations are actually responsible for health care in the Canby area and the partnership between the two is what we all know as Sanford Canby Medical Center. The Canby Community Hospital District and its local Board of Directors must shoulder all responsibility for providing the facility, while Sanford Health Network retains the responsibility for operations, management, and equipment.

The purpose of the Friends is to provide a direct avenue for families, individuals and businesses to provide financial support for our health care organization.

You are also invited to use our Gifts to Remember Program to recognize the memories of special people and special times. With these gifts, you will be supporting the continuation of excellence in health care as well as creating a lasting tribute to family and friends.

You can use the Gifts to Remember Program to celebrate the life of a family member or friend, or to mark special occasions. You may even wish to convey holiday wishes or to give thanks for recovery from an illness. Just pick up a brochure at the office or at several locations in the facility. Your Gift to Remember can be designated to one of many special projects or to the permanent fund. All donors will be recognized in our newsletter and in the hospital lobby.