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Study ID: COG ACNS0831


Phase III Randomized Trial of Post-Radiation Chemotherapy in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Ependymoma Ages 1 to 21 years

The purpose of this study is to monitor the progress of subjects, who have had successful surgery to remove an entire ependymoma (brain cancer) tumor, to see if they can avoid the side effects of radiation therapy without having the tumor grow back. This slow-growing tumor begins in cells that line the fluid-filled spaces of the brain (called ventricles) or the fluid-filled space down the center of the spinal cord (the central canal). In addition this study will examine the effects of surgery on learning, thinking, hearing, and the production of hormones, and this study will examine tissue and blood samples for possible genetic and biologic factors related to ependymoma.
Fargo Region, Sioux Falls Region
Principal Investigator:
Kayelyn Wagner, MD,Samuel Anim, MD
CNS (Brain Tumors)
Phase III
Active - Open to Accrual

For more information, call or email Bismarck Clinical Research at (701) 323-5760, Fargo and Bemidji Clinical Research at (701) 234-5890, or Sioux Falls Clinical Research at (605) 328-1368.