Welcome Home Kidney Care

Welcome Home Kidney Care

Welcome Home Kidney Care is an open house workshop for those with chronic kidney disease meant to help you learn more about at-home care while surrounded by those who understand and support your needs. With home dialysis, there is no more need for time-restricting visits and travel multiple times a week. Welcoming kidney care into the comfort of your own home with this new, simpler process shown to provide improved quality of life with a lower cost of care.

Whether you are recently diagnosed, familiar with the process or a family member, this workshop is for you. It will equip you with the tools for taking back your schedule and making treatment decisions that fit your lifestyle.

You will have the chance to learn hands on from providers and/or current home dialysis patients.

Please call to register.

Upcoming Dates

1 Dec

Welcome Home Kidney Care

Nephrology Clinic | MB2
Tuesday, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM