Self-care for Moms

Self-care for Moms

 Having a baby is exciting and life changing. Along with positive changes, there can be harder ones. Hormones and emotions and lack of sleep are a part of your new journey as well. Take a break! Come to this class to find support, meet other parents in a similar life stage, and learn strategies for self-care, healthy relationships, and ways to deal with all the changes in your world.

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Kohl's Caring Hands

Since 2001, Kohl's has partnered with Sanford Children's to provide support for kids' health and wellness. In this partnership, a series of parenting classes for Caregivers, Parents, and Grandparents has been developed, intended to educate all who attend on positive parenting techniques to create understanding of their children’s emotional and mental well-being.

Additional classes will be introduced throughout the course of the year to support the needs of the caregivers of the children in the communities served by Sanford Children’s.