Sanford Improvement Symposium 2020 Sioux Falls

ds-6619 Sanford Improvement Symposium 2020 Sioux Falls

Notice: We know you were looking forward to this event and thank you for your understanding that for the health and well-being of our community we need to reschedule our event. The lessons that we’re learning from the countries where COVID-19 first spread, are that social distancing and responsible event management are key to reducing the overall number of infected persons and that by slowing the spread, we will protect the resources we have to manage the infection.

Sanford Improvement (SI) is an ongoing effort to enhance quality and safety by improving clinical outcomes, increasing patient/staff satisfaction, improving healthcare safety, making processes more efficient, and increasing cost effectiveness. The Symposium is a time to share your performance improvement projects with others and to recognize and celebrate the many successful improvement efforts across the Market. Per leadership, each Sanford entity is required to submit a minimum of one Performance Improvement Project.